Yo, I'm Laura Guerra

Yeah, I prefer the Spanish pronunciation.

I like a lot of things. I’m a quick-service restaurant guru, project manager, beauty blogger, marketing consultant, and podcast host. Yup, I make my Dominican parents proud.

When I’m not eating fries, I’m buying makeup. I want to pour my passion and skills into the beauty industry next. I’m also interested in non-profits and giving back to my community, so it’d be an honor to do so. I really enjoy branding and want to manage brands in these industries.

Learn more about me.


Listen to my podcast on Soundcloud, and sign up to join me next week. Coming to your fave podcast app soon.

Read my blog. I have a lot of hot takes.

Social Media Marketing
Laura Guerra

The Evolution of Fake News

Fake news has altered the way Americans consume news ever since the 2016 presidential election. This is when it came to light but it has

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Consumer Behavior
Laura Guerra

E-Commerce Post COVID-19

The Coronavirus brought forth unexpected consequences like an impending economic crisis and changes in consumer behavior. The actions taken to contain the virus have inevitably

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Did I mention I can ideate and produce content, too?