For the curious...

Hello there, my name is Laura Guerra. Before you ask, yes, I prefer the Spanish pronunciation of my name! I was born and raised in Hialeah, FL. My family is from the Dominican Republic. And unlike most of my Hialeah counterparts, I don’t like coffee.

I’m a McDonald’s guru, beauty blogger and permanent student. I’m not where I thought I’d be, but I’m where I need to be. 

I’ve learned to trust the process, and that’s my biggest success.

I manage all aspects of McDonald’s Hispanic advertising campaigns. Fast food always intrigued me, probably because all Hispanic children are told by their parents that there’s food at home. Working on the McDonald’s account has taught me a lot about the quick-service industry and its challenges. I was new to project management and QSR, but now it’s one of my specialties.

I was eager to dive into the unknown, and the Universe heard me loud and clear.

If I’m not dealing with the World Famous Fries or eating them, I’m buying makeup. A big part of my life revolves around beauty. It inspired me to create a beauty blog and pursue beauty marketing positions. I understand four perspectives in the beauty industry: the marketer, the regular makeup wearer, the makeup diva, and the pro makeup artist. 

I’d love to pour my knowledge and skills into the beauty industry in the future once I had enough of fries.

And yes, I’ve thought about a YouTube channel… it’s in the works!

Outside of my career, I love art and art history. Art is my first love before makeup. I recently started dabbling with photography and  have had a few shoots already. I envision myself working in art museum once I’m done selling fries and makeup. Check out my portfolio.

Fun factI drew rapper Kid Cudi when I was 19 years old and tweeted him a picture of it. He replied back saying he loved it! 


I also love to travel and aspire to become a full-time tourist one day. I grind daily for this retirement plan.